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Corporate Wellness

The Corporate Wellness Program provides access to all of the benefits of holistic health and wellness to the work environment.. All of the programs are customized to fit the needs of your business and create a healthy and supportive atmosphere. Investment in employee health and wellness is a smart leader’s choice.

Relax, Renew, Retreat Corporate Programs provide small and large corporations with amazing motivational tools.

Corporate Wellness

  1. Private parties and staff events

    Whether it’s a celebration for goals met, a team building event or a going away party for a colleague, a celebration for goals met, Tiru Spa is the perfect location to meet your every need.

  2. Bulk Purchasing Program

    You should take advantage of our Bulk Purchase offerings, whether you are arranging bonus incentives, office gifts or a party. Receive 15% off 20 on treatments or 10% off a purchase of 15 -19 treatments or more.

  3. Arrange your company’s own special month

    Therapeutic holistic care will make your staff happier, stronger, healthier and more balanced. There entire month for your company to receive a special discount to manage their personal wellness.

  4. Corporate Gifting

    Take advantage of our Bulk Purchase program and treat yourself in the process. Choose from our assortment of gift baskets or create custom baskets with your own corporate collateral. The gift of relaxation and health is perfect for any business associate.

  5. Holiday Parties

    We offer a variety of options for treatments, mingling and tasty treats. We can also arrange events to meet specific requirements. Book Your Holiday Party at Tiru Spa!

Studies also show that employees that are happy and comfortable in the workplace are more productive and satisfied. In all studies researched regarding massages in wellness activities, all employees that participated reported feeling energized and with a more positive frame of mind. We help create a happy and healthy team and ensure that everyone will work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.